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Eric Brown was born in Brunswick, Victoria, on 18 July 1917. He worked as a truck driver for Federal Wholesalers, South Melbourne, prior to his enlistment in the RAAF on 8 October 1942. He began a fitter’s course a few days later and on completion began a flight mechanics course on 7 December 1942. Brown was then assigned to 1 WAGS, Ballarat, on 24 February 1943. On 3 September he was posted to 67 Squadron, Laverton, where he worked as a flight mechanic on the squadrons Avro Ansons. The squadron conducted convoy protection and anti-submarine patrols off southern Australia for the duration of the war.


On 23 May 1944 he arrived at 55 OBU at Gorrie, Northern Territory, and was attached to NW Area HQ. From here he traveled north west up to Fenton Field and began a Liberator heavy bomber conversion course with the USAAF's 380th Bomb Group, studying subjects related to engines and turbo superchargers. On completion of this course he was posted to 24 Squadron RAAF on 6 July where he completed yet another Liberator course. The squadron, based at Manbullo Airfield, was one of the first RAAF units equipped with the new Liberator bomber, and was working up to operations against the Japanese held Dutch East Indies, which would begin in September from Fenton. Brown was posted to 21 Squadron (Liberators, Fenton Field) on 12 January 1945, and traveled to Morotai on 9 April before returning to Fenton on the 29th of the month. This trip may have been to make preparations for the arrival of a 21 Squadron Liberator detachment which arrived on the island in July. On 9 June he was transferred to 4 RSU (Repair & Salvage Unit), Winnellie, before returning to 24 Squadron on 31 July 1945. He was discharged from the RAAF on 21 January 1946. Eric passed away in 2007.